PEP 249 – Python Database API Specification v2.0
ipdb exports functions to access the IPython debugger, which features tab completion, syntax highlighting, better tracebacks, better introspection with the same interface as the pdb module.

The standard C library to communicate with PostgreSQL server.


Python style guide checker

pep8 is a tool to check your Python code against some of the style conventions in PEP 8 – Style Guide for Python Code.


A popular database server.


A PostgreSQL database adapter for the Python programming language. psycopg2 was written with the aim of being very small and fast, and stable as a rock.


passive checker of Python programs

A simple program which checks Python source files for errors.

Pyflakes analyzes programs and detects various errors. It works by parsing the source file, not importing it, so it is safe to use on modules with side effects. It’s also much faster.


The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper.


standard python module for creating lightweight “virtual environments” with their own site directories, optionally isolated from system site directories. Each virtual environment has its own Python binary (allowing creation of environments with various Python versions) and can have its own independent set of installed Python packages in its site directories.


The tool to create isolated Python environments. It’s not included into python stdlib’s but it is very popular instrument.

venv and virtualenv does almost the same, venv has been developed after the virtualenv.


virtualenvwrapper is a set of extensions to Ian Bicking’s virtualenv tool. The extensions include wrappers for creating and deleting virtual environments and otherwise managing your development workflow, making it easier to work on more than one project at a time without introducing conflicts in their dependencies.

virtualenvwrapper is my choice, highly recommend the tool to everyone.